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Nordia & Leighton Forsythe

Nordia and Leighton Forsythe and their 4 children moved into their Irwin Home at HillClose in March 2013.

"The location was the number one reason that we bought at HillClose," Leighton said.

"Two of our kids are at Clinton State School, and our older daughter goes to Gladstone State High School which is only 5km away.

"We'd already decided we wanted to buy at HillClose, but when the kids saw the park, that sealed the deal.

"We bought an Irwin Home because we really liked the design of one of the smaller homes. We needed4 bedrooms, and Irwin Homes were really easy to work with to modify their existing designs.

"We are all very happy living here. Our kids range in age from 5 years to 17 years, and they all love the park. Nordia loves the brand new kitchen.

"I love that our mortgage repayments are less than the rent we were paying where we used to live.

"And we all love that the kids have their own media room, so there are no arguments when I want to watch the news, and the kids want to play X-Box!

"We moved to Gladstone from Jamaica in 2011 and we have settled into Gladstone easily. Australians are very friendly and helpful. We're looking forward to welcoming neighbours as they move in."