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Sally Horner

Twenty-three-year-old Sally Horner bought her first home at HillClose. She built the two-bedroom home with Irwin Homes.

"I hadn't been house hunting for long when I came across HillClose. I knew that it was ideal for young families and people just starting out. I liked the price, the fact that I could build a new home, and that it could be exactly what I wanted it to be.

"My house is perfect for my needs.

"I didn't want a big house, and this one is a good stepping stone for the future. If I need to upsize in the future, I can hold onto this home as an investment, or I can sell it, it's a good choice either way.

"Some people say I'm crazy for tying myself down to a mortgage at such a young age, but I don't see it like that. I had been saving for a long time and I'd already bought my car, and done a bit of travelling, so buying a house seemed like the next logical step.

"I love living here. It's a good community, and people keep to themselves, but I know I can go to my neighbours for anything. I know who my neighbours are, but we aren't in each other's pockets.

 "It's an ideal location. It's close to my parents' house, takes me 12 minutes to get to work, and 10 minutes to get to the gym."